Setting Assumptions

Shared setting assumptions for the D&D Next game utilizing Plot Points, to allow others to try their hand at being DM.


The essential themes surrounding the setting.

Wuxia – Main story is asia based high-fantasy

Megafauna – The world is overrun/inhabited by dinosaurs & dragons etc.

Otherworld – The only other realm/plane/dimension, and original origin of demons and fae

Ley Lines – Essential part of the infrastructure, allowing “teleportation” on connected spots. See waypoints from Diablo


The preconditions of the story.

Magic – Is everywhere and belief/awareness is common, but users/items are uncommon

Religion – Is a regional thing; there are plenty of faiths, but no current D&D style gods

Themes – Adventure, discovery, hostile world, survival & war

Mood – Dangerous and Exotic

Guidance – Character driven response to events. Loose end


The fundamental aspects of the world

The apple isles



Setting Assumptions

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